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    As Operative Artists, we create only unique & fully personalized pieces based on your request. That more than jewels or other objects names, we like to call ‘curiosities’. Everything starts with a one on one consultation to establish your energetic profile & wishes. We spend all the necessary time to fine tune your personal mapping so we can have a very accurate vision & understanding of yourself before we start the creation process. From there, we create Rings, Necklaces, Bracelets, Earrings as well as any other jewel or object you might have in mind & would fit the intention you are looking fill your art piece with.

    Ex : 7 September 1977
    Ex : 10:55 AM
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    Passionate about jewelry since my childhood, 20 years of experience in the field, “Pandolfo-Renou” is today the result of all my passions and experiences. Lithotherapy, Astrology, Bioenergy, Geomancy, Mantra, Sacred Symbols, Stone, noble metals. Each piece is unique, personalized and developed according to the intentions of its wearer.

    Everything is vibration, everything is measurable. We pay great attention to preserving the vibratory level of each stage in the development of jewelry or objects. This is why during the consultation for the realization of your Operative piece, we will measure together the vibratory level of the stones chosen in unit of bovis. The jewel will be accompanied by a letter speaking of the character traits of the person as well as a precise description of all the symbols.

    The universe fills me up and allows me to live off my Passions.

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

    "A Brand dedicated to Humanity"

    Operative art is the art of designing objects that have a specific function. Pandolfo-Renou develops the concept by creating pieces of art that serve the needs and intentions of their buyers. By paying the greatest attention to the principles of Lithotherapy, Numerology, Astrology and GeoBiology, Pandolfo-Renou designs jewelry and curiosities that vibrate to give their wearer: Luck, Love, Health, Success and other desires. Any creation is preceded by a private and personalized consultation, during which we together determine your energies and your expectations.

    Throughout development, our concern is to maintain a high vibrational level at each stage. That’s why, we don’t want Silver to interfere with this. After the consultation we select the appropriate materials, this will determine the cost price of the object suited to your Budget. Our margin will be in your good heart.The Universe is abundant when things are done with Love and Passion, and we trust it.  Our creations are paid on Donation. Through this new concept, we wish to develop a new way of thinking: From the moment when things are done with Love and Passion, on a very high vibratory level, the Universe automatically responds to your needs.Ultimately, we would like to develop an Operative Art school, bringing together Artists from different backgrounds.