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    Angelic Pendant


    Magnificent Imperial Yellow Topaz of 215 carats, Crowned with a 20.5 carat Smoky Quartz, The whole set in 18k Yellow Gold.

    The Imperial Topaz, Was very popular in antiquity by the Greeks and Romans For its many virtues. The Egyptians would worship her, It is even said that Cleopatra covered Marc Antoine with Topazes. This extraordinary stone, Brings us courage, dynamism, motivation, Passion and kindness. It allows us to see life in a more positive aspect, In order to achieve our goals. It increases fertility. On a psychic level, She is loved by therapists, Because it makes it possible to remove the various blockages. It also develops spirituality, Calm and diplomacy.

    Smoky Quartz, It is a Stone of anchoring and realism. It’s a purifier It therefore acts on the dark parts by awakening Sleeping light. It aligns the subtle body. It helps to penetrate what we can not see, And develops a sense of responsibility.

    The Energy of these two Stones, Is activated by two Angelic Symbols, Also called Zibu. Powerful and graceful, there are 88 of them. These calligraphic characters represent the language of Light. Indeed these symbols call on the healing energy of the Angels In order to transmit it and To help in daily life. These artistic drawings allow to open the Chakras and Thus to enlighten and soften your perception of the World. We will find here, Unconditional Love for the seat of the Topaz, And Gratitude for that of Smoky Quartz.

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