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    Connection Pendant


    Unique piece 12,5 Cts Rutile Quartz and 0,45 Cts Cognac Diamond, Set in 18k Yellow Gold. All sacred symbols provide and develop Divine Connection.

    Rutile Quartz is a marvelous stone that connects us to the Universe and uplifts us spiritually. The transfer of energy is amplified by these golden filaments. It is a tool for receiving and emitting energy, As well as intention programming. It develops temperance and divine inspiration. On a physical level, It purifies the body and in particular the lungs. Also, it regenerates the tissues.

    Right here, Its energy is amplified by a form of Sacred Geometry Attached to the element of the Universe, “Earth”. The diamond, It was called “Adams” by the Greeks, Which means invincible or even indomitable. He is the symbol of Eternal Love, of perfection. It is a powerful energetic and spiritual catalyst, He is the Christ of the mineral kingdom. The Diamond will develop your extrasensory abilities, As well as clairvoyance and intuition. On the physical level, It allows the purification and healing of old traumas. It is engraved Nordic Runes, Viking’s magic symbol, allowing realization.

    A Geomancy symbol is inscribed, allowing spiritual elevation, light, purity. Geomancy is one of the oldest Divinatory Arts, It was called at the time the little sister of Astrology. It was used by the peoples of the desert. The entire pendant is sealed by an Indian Mantra, Translated into Balinese Sanskrit, Allowing connection to higher forces.

    Operative Art is based on the Quantum World. Everything is Vibration, Intention, everything is Measurable. This is why we have put all our heart, Our Love and our Passion in this creation, We have consecrated and purified it, So that its vibratory level is the highest. We hope that this Jewel meets all your expectations. LET THERE BE LIGHT.

    Sold out!

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