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    Rutilated Quartz of 18.65 carats, Topped with a 1.35 carat Ruby, a chain adorned with Two 1.5-carat Sapphires, Two Emeralds of 1.10 carats, Two Rubies of 1.60 carats.

    Rutilated Quartz is a marvelous stone, Which connects us to the Universe and uplifts us spiritually. The transfer of energy is amplified by these golden filaments. It is a tool for receiving and emitting energy, As well as intention programming. It develops temperance and divine inspiration. On a physical level, It purifies the body and in particular the lungs. Also it regenerates the tissues.

    Ruby is the stone of love. By the power of the intense Fire contained in this stone, It develops unconditional and regenerative love. In antiquity it was considered a lucky charm. This very powerful Stone enhances the one who wears it, By amplifying his gifts and abilities. It develops self-healing and scarring.

    The Sapphire is a Noble Stone, In Antiquity it was worn by Kings, Associated with him are the finest virtues, Like truth, justice, fidelity. It calms the mind, soothes anger, Raise fears, promotes meditation. On the physical level, It stimulates blood circulation, has positive effects on the skin, Hair and nails.

    Emerald is the stone of sincerity and trust. It is said that the Holy Grail was cut in an Emerald a Forty-four facets. It allows you to see the different aspects of a problem and gives wisdom to communicate ideas and visions. It acts on the emotional body by bringing Serenity and courage.

    It harmonizes the deep nature of the personality. On a physical level, It strengthens the heart, regenerates the skin and increases energy potential by activating extrasensory perceptions.

    Operative Art is based on the Quantum World. Everything is Vibration, Intention, everything is Measurable. This is why we have put all our heart, Our Love and our Passion in this creation, We have consecrated and purified it, So that its vibratory level is the highest.

    Material : Yellow Gold 18K

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