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  • Intuition Pendant


    5,5 ct Sapphire and 0,5 ct Water Sapphira (iolite) Set on 18k Yellow Gold. All Sacred Symbols provide and develop Intuition.

    The Sapphire is a Noble Stone, In Antiquity it was worn by Kings, Associated with him are the finest virtues, Like truth, justice, fidelity. It calms the mind, soothes anger, Lifting fears, promotes meditation and intuition. It is attached to the third eye.

    The Water Sapphire is a very powerful Stone favoring decision-making, reducing fears and nervous tensions. It develops clarity of mind and intuition. Its energy is activated by a form of Sacred Geometry Corresponding to the element of the Universe “Water”. Are engraved Nordic Runes, Vikings magic symbol, Providing and developing Intuition. . The entire pendant is sealed by an Indian Mantra, Translated into Balinese Sanskrit, Access to divine information.




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