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    Labradorite Pendant


    Unique piece 10.4 Cts Labradorite crowned by 0.5 Cts Fire Opal, Set on 18k Yellow Gold. All sacred symbols provide and develop Protection.

    Labradorite is the Stone of Protection par excellence, It is the Stone of the Travelers. It is connected to the Heart Chakra, Anahata, She is wonderful because she avoids sponge, and absorb the problems of others. It is said to be the therapists’ stone, As much as it has the ability to block negative energies,And transmute them into positive energies. Furthermore, it has the power to regenerate the Aura and the Etheric body. It develops the empathy and talents of its wearer. On the physical level, It helps fight against all diseases, Because it develops self-healing. It also calms all kinds of pain.

    Its energy is activated by a form of Sacred Geometry Corresponding to the element of the Universe “Fire”. The origin of the term Opal comes from the Sanskrit word “Upala” Meaning “precious stone”. Opal alters the living fire of ruby, the glorious violet of amethyst, the deep blue of sapphire and the sea green of the emerald to make it the sparkle of pure light. In ancient times, She was considered a lucky charm. Also very famous for its therapeutic virtues in close relation with the eyes (ophthalmos) and its aphrodisiac powers.

    It is engraved with Nordic Runes, the Magic symbol of the Vikings, Providing Protection. A symbol of Geomancy is inscribed, Bringing Divine protection. Geomancy is one of the oldest Divinatory Arts, It was called back then the little sister of Astrology. It was used by the peoples of the desert.The entire pendant is sealed with an Indian Mantra, Translated into Balinese Sanskrit, Providing protection and peace of mind.

    Operative Art is based on the Quantum World. Everything is Vibration, Intention, everything is Measurable. This is why, we put all our Heart, Our Love and our Passion in this creation, Consecrated and purified it, So that its vibratory level is the highest.

    We want this Jewel to meet all your expectations.





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