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    Transformable pendant in Labradorite and sapphire with detachable Pompon.


    125-carat Labradorites crowned an 8.5-carat cabochon sapphire with a detachable Labradorite draped tassel, All mounted on gold-plated bronze. Labradorite is the Stone of Protection par excellence, It is the stone of travelers. She is said to be the stone of therapists, As it has abilities to block negative energies And transmute them into positive energies. It has the power to regenerate the Aura and the etheric body. It develops empathy and the talents of its wearer. On a physical level, It helps to fight against all diseases, Because it develops self-healing. It also calms all kinds of pain.

    The stone sits on a Sacred Geometry Form, Very powerful. This is the “Fourth Dimension”, allowing the development of creativity and realization. The Sapphire is a Noble Stone, In Antiquity, it was worn by Kings, and associated with him are the finest virtues, like truth, justice, and fidelity. It calms the mind, soothes anger, raises fears, and promotes meditation.

    The set of symbols, Runes, Geomancy and Mantras in Balinese Sanskrit bring Protection.

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