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    Serenity Pendant


    19 ct Topaz and 1 ct Sapphire from Thailand. set in 18k Yellow Gold, entirely engraved with Mantra, Runes, Geomancy and Sacred Geometry.

    Blue Topaz, is a stone of appeasement, She has a great sweetness, And helps control anger, Also soothes night dreams. Due to its energy balance, It brings inspiration and creativity. The Egyptians and Romans thought That she gave them the strength and the power to be invisible.

    The Sapphire is a Noble Stone, In Antiquity it was worn by Kings, Associated with him are the finest virtues, Like truth, justice, fidelity. It calms the mind, soothes anger, Lifting fears, promotes meditation and intuition. It is attached to the third eye. On the physical level, It stimulates blood circulation, has positive effects on the skin, Hair and nails.

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