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    Spirituality Pendant


    184 Cts Charoite crowned with a 5.5 Cts Amethyst, closed by a detachable Pompom of Amethyst pearls. All Sacred Symbols provide and develop Spirituality. Charoite, Is a rare stone that comes from Siberia. It is the Stone of wisdom and spirituality, Purifying the aura and the mind, It brings calm and reduces stress. Driving away nocturnal fears and anxieties. It optimizes the analytical mind, And develops the connection to the Divine.

    Amethyst in antiquity, Was cut into a Cup to drink wine, This prevented the guests from getting drunk, Hence its name comes from the Greek “amethyein”, Which means “not to be drunk”. It facilitates awareness and brings spiritual healing, Piety, humility and wisdom. It is also used as a stone of protection In exorcism rituals.

    A Geomancy symbol is inscribed, Allowing spiritual elevation, light, purity. Geomancy is one of the oldest Divinatory Arts, It was called at the time the little sister of Astrology. It was used by the peoples of the desert. The entire pendant is sealed by an Indian Mantra, Translated into Balinese Sanskrit, Allowing connection to higher forces.


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